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The cycle path is just a side road which is full of potholes and speed bumps. It needs resurfacing. Otherwise the existing pavement should be widened to accommodate a shared use pedestrian/cycle space.

This loop should be a school street and closed off. Parents are bring air pollution right to the entrance of the school. Parents also park both sides of the road meaning primary school children who by very definition are short are crossing ... [more]

A lot of close passes are caused by rat run vehicles being diverted by sat navs. There is a petition to close this road which would make the A12 safer for traffic as well.

Mill Road is controlled by traffic lights at this junction so is effectively a one way system. So why not move the lights back up Mill Road so the pavements on either side can be widened. This would also allow pollution from idling cars wai ... [more]

Ideal location for a School Street allowing children and parents to safely walk to school while providing safe distancing.

Pavements on both sides of road are extremely narrow and two lanes of one way traffic increases speeding. At the very least this should be a 20 mph speed limit. Better still would be one lane of traffic until the road widens at the bottom, ... [more]

With the new light controlled crossings installed on the A12 slip roads the next week spot in the cycling infrastructure is crossing Axial Way. So a safe crossing is required here.

Upgrade the quality of the pavement which is a popular link between Eight Ash Green and the Tollgate.

Extend the pavement to enable access to pavement to the south of Halstead Rd along the A1124 towards Tollgate.

Footpath is of very poor quality but regularly used by residents of Eight Ash Green & hotel guess to access Tollgate shopping.

This housing estate needs to be upgraded to modern road safety standards and be a 20 mph speed limit.

Being a popular route for walking to school this should be a 20 mph zone just as any new housing estate would be.

There is no pavement on this greensward to link up pavements either side of this Colchester Road junction.

Pedestrian crossing for lots of reasons. Access to Shops, Chemist, Doctor's, Church and importantly School. Also very popular bus stops which are not only used by shoppers and commuters but secondary school children for busses to school.

Traffic is asked to reduce speed to 30 mph, so why not make it an enforceable 30 mph speed limit. This section of road is regularly used by cyclists to link quiet country lanes.

Remove discriminatory barriers at the end of the shared path which prevents non standard bicycles and trailers from being used.

No cycle lane, but plenty of space (the road is wide enough for a dual carriageway)

Pavement width less than a metre, making it hard to walk on

No pavement but more and more residential buildings going up in the area. Therefore the speed limit needs reducing to 30 mph which would also benefit the many cyclists using the road as a quiet route to Tiptree.

This junction is used by lots of cyclists and also residents. Various properties also front this road but it is presently national speed limit and needs reducing to 30 mph.

No pavement here but lots of housing development going on so needs a 30 mph speed limit. Preferably 20 mph.

Reduce speed limit to 30 mph in both directions and on the Marks Tey bound lane make it a single carriageway. This would enable a two way segregated cycle track to the station.

Busy road towards Marks Tey train station from the surrounding Stanway residential area, with a number of pinch points on it. Regularly get very close passes along the whole length of the road. Ideally needs protected cycle lanes installed ... [more]

Remove accessibility ♿ barriers on shared use path to allow access for cargo bike and trailers.

This footpath is less than a meter wide and has a bus stop. It needs to double in width which could easily be accommodated by removing the central hash lines in the middle of the road. These central lines only encourage faster traffic speed ... [more]

Slow down traffic past school – 20 mph – www.20splentyorg

Slow down traffic past school – 20 mph – www.20splentyorg

Slow down traffic past school – 20 mph – www.20splentyorg

Slow down traffic past school – 20 mph – www.20splentyorg

Slow down traffic past school – 20 mph – www.20splentyorg

Slow down traffic

Slow down traffic

Slow down traffic

Slow down traffic

Slow down traffic past school – 20 mph – www.20splentyorg

Slow down traffic past school – 20 mph – www.20splentyorg

Slow down traffic past school – 20 mph – www.20splentyorg

Slow down traffic past school – 20 mph – www.20splentyorg

Slow down traffic past school – 20 mph – www.20splentyorg

Slow down traffic past school – 20 mph – www.20splentyorg

This road is frequently used in the morning as a rat run it therefore needs to be a 20 mph zone. This would encourage more walking and cycling.

This road shouldn't be used as a rat run and to encourage more walking and cycling it should be part of a 20 mph zone.

No reason that this road isn't a 20 mph speed limit to encourage walking and cycling.

20 mph speed limit as it is a narrow road with school and play areas.

No safe crossing to the many estates that require access to schools and shop. Try watching the parents playing Russian roulette try to get their children to and from school.

40 mph speed limit preventing safe crossing between shared use paths. How are children expected to safely cross to gain access to local schools.

Various shared use paths trying to link new housing developments to Schools and shops. But no safe crossings and a hostile 40 mph speed limit.

With such short stretches of road why is it deemed acceptable for it to be a 40 mph road. Large housing estate has no safe crossing for schools and shopping, so the maximum speed limit should be 30 but preferably 30 mph.

No pavements and houses opening directly on to the road, so needs to be a 20 mph zone.

Solid white lines to stop cars overtaking cyclist on the approach to the blind bend. I have seen several near misses and reported to Extra Eyes.

Reduce the speed limit to 40 mph as lots of people on bikes use this route. Also the road surface is subsiding and it is dangerous to be driven at the national speed limit.

No safe crossing points between Angora Business Park and Stanway retail park.

Footpath is very badly worn and overgrown but there is positive signs that it is used regularly. So requires urgent reinstatement. It is used to get to the popular White Hart pub.

This road needs to have its speed limit reduced to 40 mph to encourage cycling for commuters from Tiptree to Kelvedon Station. Also for pupils going to Thurstable School & Sixth Form.

The road here has scope to be narrowed and the footpath on the School side widened from the mini roundabouts to the junction of Oak Road - this would enable children to walk safely to school.

Traffic speeds through the village so the speed limit needs to be reduced to 40mph at this junction to make it safer. This would also slow traffic before the 30 mph zone and White Hart junction.

Narrow pavements and speeding traffic so there needs to be a speed awareness sign on the entrance to the village.

This road needs to be a 20 mph zone as lots of families walk this route to school trying to avoid BlackBerry Road. This is also a rat run for parents driving children to school.

NO right turns into Prior Way to stop this road being used as a rat run.

40 mph ends at Langham Road but should carry on all the way along Severalls Lane. Or even better reduced to 30 mph given the number of residents / businesses, tight bends along these roads.

To promote cycling and walking these roads need to be a 20 mph area.

To promote cycling and walking these roads need to be a 20 mph zone.

Narrow pavement across bridge this could be improved by using a traffic priority narrowing of the road. Giving vehicles going up the hill priority so reducing pollution. This already happens unofficially with cars parked along the length o ... [more]

There are no safe crossings of this very busy junction despite new housing going up along with schools and shops.

These roads are used as a rat run and a 20 mph might discourage it especially with enforcement.

A modal filter here to stop rat running from Berechurch Hall Rd to B1025.

New bridge needed -- make it cycle-friendly too.

This is used as a rat run so ideally needs a modal filter to be used as a cycling quiet way.

There is no dropped kerb curb to allow pedestrians and cyclist to access Asda or other retailers. Or looking at it the other way there is no dropped kerb from the retail park giving access to shared use path. Which leads to the Highwoods co ... [more]

With no footpath outside the School there should be Pedestrians walking in Road warning signs. Also the speed limit needs to be reduced to 20 mph.

There needs to be warning signs of pedestrians crossing and the speed limit needs to be reduced to 40 mph.

Speed limit needs to be reduced to 30 mph as this road is used as a rat run around Colchester. Lots of cycling and running along this road plus residential property along with businesses.

There's no safe cycling provision on the Severalls industrial side of the road so no encouragement for workers on this large estate.

The bus stop on the Severalls industrial side of the road cannot be accessed easily or safely. There needs to be a toucan crossing here.

There is a footpath here that could easily be widened to create a shared use cycle path.

Fountain Lane is a rat run used to get to the A12 - this Junction with Easthorpe Road requires a STOP line as regularly drivers don't slow and look properly at the junction. Only this morning I nearly became a statistic.

The time between pushing the crossing request button and traffic stopping needs to be reduced to allow for greater social distancing. This would also encourage more walking.

The time from pushing the request button on the crossing needs to be reduced. To help social distancing and encourage walking.

The time from pushing the beg button to traffic stopping is too long and needs to be reduced to encourage walking & cycling. Also to reduce crowding in these COVID times.

Potholes filled with whole bricks! Dangerous at best and lethal in the winter in the dark.

Cycle parking provision - this is the only post office in the area and has no places other than street lights for locking up cycles.

20 mph speed limit

Speed limit needs to be reduced from 40 mph to 30 mph for the safety of motorist as well as cyclist and joggers.

Instead of signs prohibiting cyclists on footpaths, install a segregated cycle lane on this road so cyclists can feel safe without resorting to going on the pavement.

Harwich Road requires a segregated cycle way all the way into town. Very dangerous being overtaken from cars especially as road narrows near shops

Deterring frequently parked cars on the Queen Street cycle way.

Pave the Wivenhoe trail so it can be used in winter (after rain puddles form making it more hassle to commute on)

Remove on street parking and include a segregated cycle way.

Needs to be a Dutch style roundabout so cyclists can navigate on to Ipswich Road safely.

Clear signage needed from this point and onwards through the station forecourt and car parking areas to join the line-segregated pathway through Bergholt Road Park.

Lots of cyclists use this route and with plenty of houses entrancing on a bend plus a business with HGV deliveries. The national speed limit is unsafe so the 30 mph speed limit needs to be extended to the bridge which in its self is of rest ... [more]

The path is too narrow for both cyclists and peds. widening of the path would make this route safer and more attractive as an active travel route. There is plenty of space to easily double the size of the path

A dedicated and segregated cycleway is required in both directions on Lexden Road to provide safe access from Stanway through Lexden onto Colchester Town Centre

Remove the right turn lane into Head Street as it creates another stop phase for vehicles travelling along the Southway in an easterly direction. This causes more congestion around the Balkerne Hill roundabout. It also encourages drivers ci ... [more]

The odd lengths of cycle path along Berechurch Hall Rd need to linked together and extended to the Lidl on Gosbecks Rd

This whole section from St Andrew's Avenue to Brightlingsea Road needs cutting back to make the footway usable.

Narrow pavements to Asda, library, school, churches and the central shopping area of Tiptree. To enable social distancing & encourage walking / cycling there should be a 20 mph speed limit.

Outside Tesco there are two dropped pavements & brick crossing points that are very popular to use. We just need a 20 mph speed limit to assist with the safe crossing & encourage cycling. As a note due to the large pot holes along this road ... [more]

At this point traffic speeds up, racing towards Fingringhoe. Walking and cycling are dangerous because of speeding traffic. Install speed cameras and traffic calming measures.

Cycleway from bottom of Hythe Hill all the way into the town centre with no breaks beyond cycle and pedestrian-specific lights.

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