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Information on where cycling is and is not allowed in Castle Park.

Route sign for lit route to town centre. The path over the bridge is lit, but not the route through Castle Park or the riverside walk.

A nice new replacement bridge over the River Colne, but the signs obscure visibility of each other. Also on a round pole, rather than the square poles used elsewhere locally.

I didn't appreciate it at the time, but this is the junction of NCN1 and NCN51. The sign seems to have lost an arm since #27125 was taken.

Another view of the road crossing in #88496 on route to the railway station, with NCN1 signage for route via Colchester town centre via a crossing across Cowdray Avenue.

The direct route to Colchester town centre has traffic restrictions so the sign for car drivers points towards the Westway, unlike the sign for cyclists.

A route sign for the route to the right on a square post, but only stickers for the route straight ahead through the tunnel.

NCN1 just south of Colchester

This is sign 3 on The View Finder Trail, an artwork by Michael Goodey, based on ten different views of Colchester, Essex. This location is at North Towers car park, University of Essex.

This is sign 1 on The View Finder Trail, an artwork by Michael Goodey. Ten signs are located on 28km cycle trail around Colchester, Essex

This sign is attached to a pillar where the Wivenhoe Trail (Route 51) joins the Colne Causeway.

'Share the Space' notice at the entrance to Lower Castle Park.

Hopefully tongue-in-cheek! CAUTION Sound horn when leaving beware of soporific pedestrians and lunatic cyclists

New 'Share the Space' signs by the Lower Castle Park shared-use path. It seems expense has been spared here, which was not the case in Crouch St, where elaborate paving slabs have been installed (see #36140 and #36141).

The orignal sign has deteriorated badly (see #34986 and #35747). The replacement already has a chip out of it, but why was it layed before the old one was removed? The first signs of this kind (see #21171) are still in good shape. Is the … [more]

Fancy paving slabs on Crouch St. Eight bike symbols and one pedestrian priority, in the foreground. For close up see #31640 and #31641.

Fancy paving slab on Crouch St.

Fancy paving slab with bike symbol on Crouch St.

Roughly three months ago this was laid (see #34986)... now look at it!

Cycle Colchester installed a sign here (see #27145) but it has since been removed (or fallen/forced over) and not been replaced... nor has the tree that was there before!

New route sign for Ipswich Road and Leisure centre (it's actually Leisure World).

This route sign for Town centre has been relocated (see #21400) without any thought as to which way the arrow is pointing. Town centre is in fact to the right, not left.

'Caution Cyclists Crossing Ahead' sign on the A1124.

The new cycle path between Bilsdale Close and Ipswich Road (see #33430) has a barrier preventing cyclists from joining/leaving it. Should a cyclist want to connect to St Johns Close (where the bollards are, across the road) they must … [more]

Essex celebrates hosting the 2012 Olympic Games Mountain Bike competition.

New route sign and drop kerb for access to Sallary Brook from Sherbourne Road.

The council have placed many signs around the town notifying motorists of road closures due to the Tour Series criterium on June 2. This is at the top of North Hill.

New route sign outside the police station on the shared Southway path.

New route sign on Boadicea Way.

Sideways route signs at a junction in High Woods Country Park.

New route sign on Hakewill Way, for the Country Park, North Station, and Town Centre. No mention of the General Hospital though.

New route sign for local destinations, on Vineyard St.

New route sign painted onto the path on the corner of Hunters Ridge and Chinook, for Country Park, North Station, and Town Centre.

New route sign painted onto the path in Tally Ho, for Business Park and Community Stadium.

New sign warning motorists of the presence of cyclists ahead, on Queen St.

New route sign for local destinations Lexden and Stanway, on the High St.

New cyclists warning sign on the entrance to Crouch St.

New route signs and a 'Share the Space' bollard by the Southway underpass.

New route signs on Queen St.

New route sign on the now shared-use Southway pavement.

New route signs on St Johns Street.

New route sign on East Hill.

New route sign on the corner of Crouch Street and Head Street. Local destinations only; no mention of next key places on the National Cycle Network (Witham and Ipswich Route 1, Harwich Route 51).

New route sign in High Woods Country Park. Shame it is in the style of others in the park (see #20045) and the Garrison (see #21932), that require the ability to read sideways.

New route sign on the corner of Boadicea Way and Layer Road. No mention of town centre on the sign, and no sign of a toucan crossing on Layer Road (see #26298).

Notice that double yellow lines will be inscribed along Circular Rd. South, West, and East. This will make Circular Rd. East in particular much more pleasant.

Excellent signing ahead of the Amis Velo Sportive, here on Boxted Straight Rd.

Sign in the window of the Tourist Information Centre advertising The View Finder Trail. See also #18989

Route sign for Town Centre and the University. They are actually in opposite directions! The university is to the left here.

New route sign for Stanway and NCN Route 1 on Gryme's Dyke.

New route sign for Stanway and NCN Route 1 near Gryme's Dyke.

Abandoned Sustrans National Cycle Network route sign.

New route sign in Haddon Park. From this angle it isn't possible to read what the direction "arm" says.

New route sign on Ipswich Road.

Route sign on the corner of Chapel Road and New Farm Road. Clearly legible from this direction, but from the other, impossible (see #27183).

There is a route sign on the corner of Chapel Road and New Farm Road (see #27184), but from this direction it is impossible to read it. One would expect to be able to, having arrived here following a route sign at the beginning of Villa … [more]

The new route sign on Chapel Road is located too far away from the adjacent Villa Road to be legible.

For once, it was nice to see an 'End of Route' sign!

New route sign on Norman Way. Currently one "arm" blocks view of the other (from opposite direction).

New route sign on NCN Route 1, by Lexden Park.

A new route sign has been installed on Church Lane (see #27156). So poor is its placement however, that it cannot be seen from one side, even when in the middle road. The sign it replaces suffered from exactly the same problem (see #17827).

New route sign on Collingwood Road. Naturally one "arm" blocks the other.

New route sign on Collingwood Road.

New route sign on Ipswich Road.

New multi-directional route sign whereby one "arm" blocks view of another, in Broadlands Way.

New route sign in Broadlands Way. This being the only angle one can read both "arms".

New route sign on Cowdray Avenue.

New shared path sign curiously placed in the middle of said path, and just one-sided.

The Moors, part of NCN Route 51.

New route sign at East Bay.

As predicted, the route sign on Thornton Drive is obscured due to poor placement. It is just about visible through the tree on the left, half-way up the lamp post (see #20654).

It would be nice if Cycle Colchester designed some custom "Improvement Work" signs, rather than use these standard boards that give no insight into the project. This example is close to the Southern Slopes entrance of High Woods Country … [more]

Route sign for NCN Route 51, but it is pointing in the wrong direction. It should be directing cyclists along Hythe Station Road (where the photo was taken). Note also no cycling in the alley leading to the A133 underpass.

New route sign for Town centre and the University. This continues the trend of sideways facing signs (see #17794 and #20883). How long must we wait for the Council to realise, that cyclists face the way they are heading, just as motorists … [more]

Route sign for the University in Swan Close.

New route sign for the University in Swan Close. Seems like a curious angle, but suppose it's clear enough.

New route sign for the University at the end of Elmstead Road. It is safer and more direct for cyclists to join Elmstead Road at this point rather than just off the roundabout as the sign is encouraging. There should be a route sign on the … [more]

New route sign on Greenstead Road for Hythe Station and the University. No mention of Town centre or Greenstead. Note also the lack of crossing here, very close to a cyclist fatality (see #18961).

Poorly sited new route sign with wrong directions, by St. Andrews Avenue. See also #22207.

There ought to be a route sign in the vicinity, but not here, and not with Greenstead centre and Town centre together pointing in the same direction. Greenstead is to the right, but town centre is actually to the left. Hythe station should … [more]

Absolutely useless route sign for Maypole Green and Friday Woods, at Abbey Gates. See #22197 for better perspective.

Route sign for the Community Stadium at exit of Colchester North station.

New route sign for Town centre, alongside one of the View Finder Trail pictures, on the corner of Kings Meadow.

Sign warning motorists of cyclists' presence, on Monkwick Avenue.

New route sign for Hythe station and University, on Hawthorn Avenue.

New route sign for Maypole Green and Friday Woods at entrance to the Southway subway. It's missing the Garrison.

Route sign on the back of #21917. This shouldn't be here as it is pointing to the way cyclists have just come. (If they really want to go back to the centre, they should actually go left here!) It should be a Town Centre route sign, … [more]

New route sign for Greenstead Centre, on Alyssum Walk. The most direct route to the centre is actually to the right, using Clarkia Walk (#20863), Dahlia Walk (#20864), and Gorse Walk (#20865, #20866).

New Shared Pathway sign at beginning of Alyssum Walk, off St. Andrews Avenue. Notice the patches of tar where railings and bollards once stood (see #20786). It's just a shame the drop kerb hasn't been extended to the full width of the … [more]

New route sign for Town Centre and Shared Pathway sign, at entrance to Alyssum Walk. If this is the intended route (see #21917) for Greenstead Centre, then there should be a sign for it here. Notice the four patches of tar where railings … [more]

New route sign for Town Centre on the corner of Hickory Avenue.

Route sign for Longridge on Bromley Road.

Cycle path between Chalfont Road and Ipswich Road. The sign is graffitied so much it is illegible.

What better way to mark a new development than with a new 'End of Route' sign, on Cowdray Avenue. Cyclists waiting at the bicycle crossing (see #21802) will be blocking this pavement. The road has been resurfaced to beyond the 4x4 in the … [more]

New route sign for Hythe Station, on the corner of Greenstead Road. No mention of Town centre, Greenstead, or the University.

NCN Route 1 signs for Tiptree/London and Colchester/Ipswich on Cunobelin Way.

Route sign for Town Centre on Middle Mill Road.

There should be a final route sign for the Town Centre on George Street, rather than just the temporary NCN sticker, which is hard to spot.

Route sign for Town Centre directing cyclists into George Street.

Route sign for North Station and Town Centre by Gresely Close.

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